Singing National Anthem in Cinema Halls, India – Supreme Court Order

National Anthem in Cinema Halls

The Supreme Court on Wednesday has ordered all cinema halls across the nation to play National Anthem before starting a movie for rooting patriotism and nationalism in Indian’s.


National Anthem Before Cinema is a Must!

In other terms, the bench said that the national anthem must be convoyed by Indian flag images and all the citizens of India in the cinema halls, movie theatres, multiplexes must stand while the national anthem song is been played. People must feel that this is my country and this is my motherland from their bottom of heart while they stand for national anthem, which gives respect for national identity, integrity and constitutional patriotism.


National Anthem in Movie Theaters

Since 08th Nov’16, Indians are standing in queues at banks and ATM machines for cash withdrawals, now this standing is continued in cinema halls for all moviegoers. With reference to the article in The Guardian says that, there has been already a practice to play National Anthem in the cinema halls in India after India-China world war happened in 1962 but, the National Anthem was played at the end of the movies. Since the moviegoers used to ignore the national anthem as it was played at last of the cinema, the practice was slowly washed-out and was out-of-date.


A person on Twitter social media platform has recommended that pirated internet torrents should also now come up with a “national anthem file attached” to their uploads and some other person wrote that food vendors in cinemas halls must exclaim “Bharat Mata ki jai” or “Hail Mother India,” when serving popcorn.

The bench has directed that the order must be implemented with effect in 10 days.

Published on Telangana E Wallet: 30 Nov 2016, 23:23 IST

National Anthem in Cinema Halls, Movie Theaters & Multiplex
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National Anthem in Cinema Halls, Movie Theaters & Multiplex
Wednesday, Supreme Court has ordered that all cinema halls in India must play National Anthem before screening to root patriotism and nationalism.
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